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Our History

More than 60 years ago the Martín family started a pine cones family business. In summer, the pine cones were spread on the ground, in the sunlight. Once the pine cones opened, the inshell pine nuts were harvested and for natural and mechanic procedures they were cracked in order to obtain our precious pine nut.

With the same illusion, the 3rd generation started Biopiñón SL, which was born as a pine nuts factory in Pedrajas de San Esteban, in “Tierra de Pinares” (pine forest land), cradle of the Castille pine nut. We harvest and process our pine cones, and obtain the pine nuts of the highest quality. We have, organic pine nuts and Mediterranean pine nuts, also called iberian pinenuts, as well as spanish pinenuts;.

Few years ago, Biopiñón SL extended with new factories: walnuts factory, pistachio factory and another factory for elaboration and processing of other nuts. Our facilities have more than 10.000m2.

. We have raw material of 1st Quality, we controlling the traceability in all our process in order to offer safe dried fruit for the most for the most demanding food industry.

Our factories

Our  four  nuts  factories with the most advanced technology and the latest techniques in product extraction, these make Biopiñón SL a reference unique, acknowledged national and internationally.

We are manufacturers.  We adapt the packaging the customer requests. 

Sizes from 50g to 500kg

Our Dried Fruits meet al the national and international regulations of Quality and Food Safety.

Productivity – Safety – Sustainability

Our Team

All the staff is committed in the compliance of the Quality and Corporate Biopiñón SL policies. In our company, the human team is the most important. The job is based in a respect environment for all the actors involved: staff, customers and suppliers.

News and Videos

``Aquí La Tierra`` TV program (Spanish Television RTVE - January 2018)

Comitted with the environment.

Biopiñon SL is committed with the environment. We manage in a sustainable manner our wastes, so we meet our environmental policy. In all the process from harvest to delivery of our dried food.

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