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Organic and Conventional Pistachios

PISTACHIOS are native to teh Middle East, and in America there are enormous extensions of pistachio fields. Nowadays, spain is betting on the production of this dried nut with grops of great magnitudes.

BIOPIÑON SL  selects the best fields in spain and California. We collab with the farmers from the get go to be able to offer the BEST QUALITY PISTACHIOS to our clients.

It’s an ideal food to regulate the intestinal transit, due to their high fiber content. Furthermore, it reduces the levels of bad colesterol in the blood.

Our pistachios stand out for their INTENSE GREEN COLOR AND SWEET FLAVOUR.


Eat Good, Feel Good

Rich in antioxidants.

They are among the dried nuts with less calories.

they have a good effect in blood pressure and colesterol.

The help control blood sugar levels.

Healing Properties

They help combat ageing.

High content of antioxidants as well as the vitamins B2 and E.

Great source of proteins.

High fiber content as well as fonic acid and good fats.

Organic and Natural

They reduce the risk of suffering heart conditions.

They help regulate the intestinal transit.

Strengthen the teeth, due to the high phosphorus content, which also helps with the mental health.

They help protect the eyesight from the UV rays from the sun.

Great for Athletes

Amazing aliies to bones and muscles.

They are the best dried nut against type 2 diabetes.

They reduce blood prssure and the heart rate is high stress situations.

High fiber, betacarotens y procianidines content.

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Inshell Pistacchio


Raw inshell pistachio 100% natural.


Spain and/or California.

Pistachio Kernel


Raw Pistachio kernel, peeled and hulled natural 100%


Spain and/or California.

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