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Organic and Conventional Walnuts

The WALNUT comes from the walnut tree, and they are great food for your brain. They reduce levels of bad colesterol LDL and also reduce hypertension. They contain Omega-3 and Omega-6.

Our walnuts stand out for their AMAZING FLAVOUR.

Our walnuts come fro  the BEST WALNUT FIELDS in Spain and Chile, among others. We collab directly with the farmes to guarantee the maximum quatity of our dried nuts from the get go.

Our Organic Walnuts come from certified walnut fields.

Availabe walnuts: Walnut with shell, walnut in halfs, walnut in quarters, walnut pieces, walnut grain, caramelized walnut (under order) and chocolate covered walnut (under order).

Eat Good, Feel Good

Great alternative for snaking between meals.

They are great for your brain's health.

Reduce bad colesterol LDL levels and hypertension.

It prevents the development of atherosclerosis.

Healing Properties

Reduces the risk of suffering cardiovascular diseases and angina pectoris.

They improve your overall health.

Their antioxidant properties and vitamins are great for your skin.

They are satiating, which makes them an awesome food for people who want lose weight.

Organic and Natural

Grat for diabetic people due to their low content on carbohydrates.

Amazing for women after menopause.

Super tasty with other foods like yogurt.

Reduces stress, anxiety and nervousness.

Great for Athletes

they help with muscle relaxation and work like antitioxidadnts, preventing oxidative stress.

They contain L-arginina, which apports various vascular benefits.

They prevent pathological blood clots.

Vitamin E restore the humidity in the skin which helps reduce wrinkles.

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Inshell Walnut Caliber 32/34


Inshell walnut 100% natural


Spain and Chile (depends on crop).

Unshelled Walnut


Unshelled walnut 100% natural.



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