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Biopiñon - Piñones de Pedrajas / WALNUT PIECES (500 gr. Bag)
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WALNUT PIECES (500 gr. Bag)

INGREDIENTS: Walnut 100% natural.

ORIGIN: Spain and Chile (depends on crop).

ALERGENS: Substances or products causing allergies or intolerances according to Regulation (EU) 1169/2011:

  • Walnut. May contain traces of pistachio and/or pine kernel.
  • GLUTEN FREE (ELISA < 5ppm).


 REGARDING GENETICALLY MODIFIED ORGANISM (GMO): BIOPIÑON S.L. states the all products we manufacture in our facilities do not contain neither corn nor soya nor other GMO or derivative of GMO. This product is not been produced from GMO or GMO derivatives.

STORAGE AND TRANSPORT CONDITIONS: Keep and transport in a fresh, dry, dark and aired place. Preferably cold. Preserve from direct contact with floor.

EXPECTED USE: For stews, sweets, and decoration.



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